Member of Business Administration from Omar Business School

abd el rahman omar
Business Development
Managing Director successful at establishing the vision and strategies necessary to grow many educational services firms and training academies. Expert at creating /capitalizing on networks, and business connections, while negotiating/managing joint ventures (12 years) and strategic partnerships with some other figures. Excel at partnering with all core business operations to significantly increase the firms‘foot print and expand market share. a team builder with strong P&L and general management skills. My potential is to open a lot of branches all over the world to teach in many fields for Arabic's people & Foreigners and to offer professional training to reach Masters and DBA. That is beside a big innovation in the franchising field that under my managerial cover the academy offers many certificates issued by many international educational firms. • Strategic Business. Market & Sales Planning • Revitalizing Stagnant & Declining Sales • ROI. Value proposition & profit Optimization • Competitive Analysis. Positioning & Pricing • Creative Branding & Vertical Marketing • Product Introduction & Life Cycle Management • Market Evaluations. Penetration & Expansion • Performance Enhancement & Succession Planning PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Business Instructor to design and deliver Soft Skills and Business Training Courses and training materials for end-users , I deliver unique training with simulation with the following Courses : • Business Management • Human Resources Management • Marketing Management • Sales Management • TOT ( Train the trainers ) • Modules in MBA • Planning and Organizing • Business Ethics • Motivation • Emotional Intelligence • Dealing with Difficult People • Problem Solving and Decision Making • Crisis Management • Middle Manager • Customer Service • Public Relation - PR • Behavioral Interviewing • Writing Proposal • Business Writing • Leadership • Presentation • Communication • Time Management • Negotiation • Winning member from : 2021-08-10

About Membership

It is wrong who think the management it is essential in our life and it is a luxury thing . it can be acquired in some days or just by reading or some practice with experienced or even follow some influencers within some filds or managment domain all of this completely untrue the management it is life style we live it in all aspects and areas of life we should to differentiate between who legislates and who implement all of us we must to realize the managment it is way of life use it in your house and work what the difference between who manage randomly that he dosnt know where he is going and those who know his way and have a clear vision for that (omar business school membership ) it will help all of owners and entrepreneur or those who wants to inter the field of finance and business and those who wish to be influencers in our communities as department manager or project owners and frish graduates who wants to specialize in one of the special fields





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