Fellowship Degree

Fellowship Program


Professional fellowship is a degree that is awarded to experienced candidates after their previous education and acquired experiences are tested and assessed by a competent committee. We have developed a system that depends on the testing, assessment, and equivalence of the candidates’ acquired experiences, as well as the measurement of the extent of the candidates’ proficiency and experience. The professional assessment requirements are different for each candidate based on the Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning to obtain a fellowship degree in the professional knowledge and experience documentation. There are many people who acquired work experience but did not have the opportunity to pursue academic majors at university in line with their careers and businesses as a result of certain circumstances. They face a problem of deviation in specialization or a major conversion with no evidence of academic specializations with recognized academic certificates. Other people started working after their university studies and became highly experienced; however, there are no documents proving such experience—only letters testifying to it. Such letters are sent by their employers, which are often local, not global, businesses.

Professional degrees complete the global education system. They are comprehensive and complimentary for all specializations. Professional degrees are the best solution for this group of people, as they are able to fill the gap between the academic specializations and professional specializations through the professional fellowship. This fellowship awards the candidates globally acceptable and recognized certificates indicating the documentation and accreditation of their academically and innovatively acquired experiences and skills. This enables them to move to global organizations and businesses at better degrees and to receive rewarding salaries.

Fellowship award conditions

Fellowship award conditions

  • Candidate must have work experience of no less than 10 years in the required field of specialization.
  • Candidate must speak at least two languages.
  • Candidate must be a business manager or head of department with no fewer than five employees.

Fellowship degree beneficiaries

  • Owners; directors; department heads of educational and training institutions; and university lecturers, trainers, and instructors
  • Directors and department heads of banks and accounting, auditing, and insurance companies
  • Physicians, pharmacists, nurses, and medical test centers.
  • Directors and department heads of companies, governmental and private institutions, and associations
  • Judges, lawyers, counsels, and retired officers
  • Engineers and engineering, industrial, and vocational company managers

Fellowship award benefits

  • Candidates will have higher positions in their careers and improve their social and literal situations.
  • People with experience who did not have the opportunity to obtain an advanced practical degree will upgrade their professional level.
  • Candidates will have the possibility of changing their specializations based on their work experience.
  • A new generation of leaders with practical experience and strong academic backgrounds will graduate to help develop the labor market.

  • Candidates’ acquired experience will be documented and appreciated academically on a global scale.
  • Your certificate will be officially listed on the commission’s websites as per specialization.
  • You will get the recognized mark so that you can include it in all of your communications and on your personal and formal profiles.

Procedures for fellowship degree attainment 

Procedures for fellowship degree attainment 

1.   Fill out and sign a fellowship application form.

2.  Attach all academic certificates; work experience certificates; and training course, conference, and seminar participation certificates.

 3.   All documents attached by a candidate will be checked and assessed by a competent committee.

4. A competent employee will follow up with the candidate via the official email address or over the phone to complete the papers in case additional documents are required.


5. A congratulatory letter will be sent to the candidate in the event of agreement to award a fellowship certificate by the assigned committee.

6. Pay the fellowship certificate fees.

7. Issue and send the fellowship certificate and card to the candidate.

8. In case the certificate needs to be attested by the United States government authorities, it will be done after the attestation fees are paid, and the certificate will take 21 business days to be processed and delivered to the candidate.

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