Abdelrahman Omar Born in Egypt in 1983, he lived and studied in Egyptian universities, in addition to external studies from some international bodies and universities. He was trained by experts in the field of business management from inside and outside the Middle East, and I managed a number of companies and organization in many industries national and international, in addition to working as a speaker in the fields of administration and soft Skills programs. He has many assistants who work with him in various fields of management and corporate development. He has trained hundreds of thousands Of young people and graduates who are looking for better opportunities to develop their professional and personal fields and are of many nationalities in addition to the representation of many bodies and companies in the US & UK.

What about the experiences in the field of training

My field is business solutions and corporate and personal development, Management is not a luxury, but it is an essential component of managing the establishments, companies, individuals and countries. I working in business solutions It is as a service provider and exploring companies ’problems and working to find solutions for them. Business management in everything and anything. Business Solutions as a service provider, exploring corporate problems and working to find solutions to them. Besides, it must meet the labour market and the existing challenges. I managed many companies in senior management positions as a decision-maker for many national and international or multinational companies for more than 17 years in a world Business Administration With work as a speaker and lecturer in the field of business administration, human resources, marketing, sales, and facilities management specialized in the development of individuals, which are soft Skılls programs. Tens of thousands have been trained in the Arab world and the Middle East in many colleges, institutes and universities specialized to training many Local and international companies to solve many problems of companies and crises and set policies and procedure for these companies. There are many assistants in the areas of business solutions, With the field of technical, vocational and academic training.


Marketing for your Products

Advertising & Promotion / Create Demands / Complete marketing system / Market research / Promotion System / target market & Segmentation / Product positioning

Sales Management

Increase Sales /Method of Selling /Communication Vehicles (Sales /promotion, Personal selling, /Advertising, Public Relation, /Events, sponsorship, Direct /Marketing, Social Media) /Sales call plan /Sales call process /Negotiation techniques & handling objections

Procedures guide for the management of the company

Full Manual / From supplier to customer satisfaction and service

Human Resources Management

Strategic H.R. Planning. /Job analysis and job description. /Recruitment and Selection. /Training and Development. /Compensation and benefits. /Labour law.

Supply Chain Management and Logistics

Demand Management /Inventory Management /Warehousing Management /Purchasing Management /Transportation Management

Business Administration

How the company's management /Management Pillars, Strategic Management. /Accounting as the basis of decision making. /Setting Marketing Mix Strategies. /Performance Management. /Service Level /Leadership Skills (Delegation, Coaching and Team work) /Problem solving & effective decision making. /Agenda & To do List /Organization Chart /Coaching for better results

Training & Development

The Socialization Process. /Employee Orientation. /Employee Training /Employee Development. /Training need assessment /Organization Development. /Evaluation of Training Program

Performance Management

Performance management and performance appraisal /The performance management process /Participants in performance management /Performance management goals /Performance assessment and appraisal